What are the three major signs of a stroke?

Answer Stroke is the third largest killer in the United States. It is only surpassed by heart attacks and cancer. The statistics may be staggering, but you can decrease the risk of suffering a debilitatin... Read More »

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What are the signs of canine stroke?

A dog can have a stroke when a hemorrhage or other underlying problem blocks blood flow in the artery to the brain. In humans, diagnosing a stroke is relatively easy, but dogs don't show any of the... Read More »

What are the signs of heat stroke?

symptoms of a heat stroke are nausea,vomiting,fatigue,weakness,headache,muscle cramps,aches,and dizziness.However, some individuals can develop symptoms of heat stroke suddenly and rapidly without ... Read More »

What are signs of heat stroke for SABC?

Unusual behavior, abnormal mental state, and sudden collapse

What signs show that someone is suffering from heat stroke?