What are the usual dimensions of a two car and a three car garage?

Answer 2 car 20x20, better yet is 24x243 car 30w x 24 give or take.Comment:20x20 (400 ft2) barely accommodates two of today's cars, and leaves very little room for anything else such as snow blower (for u... Read More »

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What Three Dimensions Do You Need to Find the Volume of a Rectangular Solid Object?

"Volume" is defined as the amount of space that an object takes up. Objects are represented by three spatial dimensions: length, width and height. Therefore, in order to determine how much space is... Read More »

How to Plot Points in Three Dimensions?

Plotting points in three dimensions is very similar to plotting in two, with just one difference; instead of having two axes, you have three!

Mac users: what are three advantages and three drawbacks of using your platform?

Advantages: 1. OS Stability. Apps may take a dive occasionally, but the system itself is stable.2. UNIX. Since Macs are UNIX machines (even UNIX certified now) you can really manipulate and custo... Read More »

What would you name SIX (three boys, three girls) children using these names?

• Cosette Ekaterina• Jane Willa• Rosemary Lucia• Bennett Victor• Jasper West• Edwin Archer"Cosette, Jane, Rose, Bennett, Jasper & Teddy"Great names! That was fun!