What are the ten rights of every child?

Answer A Child's 10 Commandments To ParentsThe following was taken from the book: Parenthood Without Hassles-Well Almost By Dr. Kevin LemanMY HANDS ARE SMALL; please don't expect perfection whenever I mak... Read More »

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Does an illegal father have rights to u.s born child mother is also a us citizen parents are not married does the father have legal rights to this child?

It depends.In pakistan, the father has the custody.In US, both parents would be considered for custody, however case is stacked against father from get go based on his illegal status in US. However... Read More »

Does a child have rights to a parent that gave up rights to said child?

Answer What kind of rights do you mean? Sometimes parental rights are severed but the child may fare poorly in the adoption process and still long for contact with the natural parent. Lot's of thes... Read More »

If a father has been absent from a child's life for years is there a certain amount of time when his rights to the child are automatically taken away to where the child can be adopted by another man?

In Idaho does a man have rights to a child whom he helped raise and to whom he paid child support for three years and then found out the child was not his?

Answer You need a lawyer for this one, and yes, you do have rights because you have #1 been lied too and #2 paid child support. This case would go to court and you may win. Be sure you have all c... Read More »