Where are the headhunter tribes?

Answer Headhunting tribes once were found throughout the world: the Balkan Peninsula, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Burma, New Zealand and South America. The most famous headhunters were the Jivaro Indians of Ecu... Read More »

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What Are the Tribes of Adonai?

The Tribes of Adonai, also known as the 12 Tribes of Israel, are the ancestors of the tribes of Israel. Jacob had fathered 12 sons and who the tribes are named after. The tribes were split into fou... Read More »

Which Indian Tribes Scalped?

Scalping was a practice conducted by some American Indian tribes before Europeans came to the continent. Warriors would cut off their enemies' hair and scalps after defeating them in battle, and co... Read More »

Which Tribes Lived in Georgia?

While no federally recognized tribes are in Georgia today, several state-recognized tribes can be found in the state. Prior to European settlement, several tribes lived in the territory that is now... Read More »

What is racisim like in the amazon tribes?

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