What are the television codes to operate the Atak RA7 Remote Control device?

Answer code nomber for sanyo-t.v

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What are the remote codes for an Atak universal control?

First off, make sure the batteries are good. If it still doesn't work and it isn't the original remote control that came with the tv, find the user's manual and re-program the remote to the tv. If ... Read More »

How does a Remote Control operate a device?

For the explanation with graphic. try…Infrared Remote Controls: The ProcessPushing a button on a remote control sets in motion a series of events that cau... Read More »

What are the Remote control codes for a GE television?

Answer What model TV is it. Here are some that I have laying around: 11447 10047 10051 10451 10178 10055 11347Try going to your Remote Control device's website. If you search for GE, you'll ... Read More »

What are the Sharp television remote control codes?