What are the symptoms that usually distinguish a headache from a migraine?

Answer Bonsoir ma belle ,The difference between headaches and migraines,,,,,is the level of pain and…..the cause.The following link will lead you to a page that lists possible Holistic cures for migrain... Read More »

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What are the symptoms of a migraine headache?

Migraines affect hundreds of millions of people around the world. These painful and debilitating headaches are caused by many different conditions, but they have some similar symptoms to watch.Seve... Read More »

What are the symptoms of migraine headache?

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The symptoms more than 1 year I am thinking migraine . Every time headache. vomiting This is tumors?

Brook, you have to go to your doctor's & get a MRI done of your head. To me these are not symptoms of a Migraine. The headache & vomiting are, but do you have alot of pain in your head when you are... Read More »

Difference between a migraine tension headache and a sinus headache?

Migraine and sinus headaches are two fairly common maladies that can make life miserable. Though occasionally they are confused because of some similar symptoms, their causes and remedies are very ... Read More »