What are the symptoms of unipolar depression?

Answer Unipolar depression is a serious mental health problem, and is also called major depressive disorder. Knowing the symptoms of this disorder is essential to getting help for you or someone you know ... Read More »

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What are the causes of unipolar depression?

A person experiencing symptoms of depression that last at least two weeks and interfere with her daily lifestyle is going through what is known as a major or unipolar depression. She might have fee... Read More »

What are the causes and symptoms of depression?

Symptoms of Major DepressionSleep disturbance (insomnia), sleeping too muchCrying“Empty” feelingLoss of interest in usually enjoyable activitiesDifficulty in thinking clearlyFeelings of guilt o... Read More »

What are some symptoms of depression?

Ah, depression is no fun. I should know- I've got it. Here are some of the things wrong with me:Now for some symptoms there are two opposites, you can be one or the other, or even both. I'm one of ... Read More »

What are the signs&symptoms of depression in men?

Depression in men is not easily recognized and many times goes undiagnosed. Men will not seek help, they are too competitive and think they are strong enough to handle any situation. Depression is ... Read More »