Answer You could try with Belladonna CH 30 (homeopathy) - it will cure you and nothing has to be removed . :-)

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Have I got tonsillitis?

You have a throat infection. Go to your doctor and demand some antibiotics. Not the cheap kind either, the good kind.

Have I got tonsillitis (Pic)?

Looks like the Black Hole of Calcutta. You have a sore throat. With tonsillitis they swell up have white spots and hurt like hell.

Do I have tonsillitis?

I had tonsilitis horrible in March of 2010. Yes I had all of the same symptoms, but mine got so bad it put me in the hospital! All I did was lay in bed and ice my throat for three days, no food and... Read More »

Does using a neti pot help with tonsillitis?

On One Hand: Neti Pots Cleanse the SinusesA neti pot is a short teapot-like device filled with lukewarm saline solution used to flush excess mucus from sinus cavities and relieve sinusitis, accordi... Read More »