What are the symptoms of tongue/oral cancer?

Answer At 16, the chances of you having cancer are so miniscule and unlikely, please don't even worry about it. If you're really concerned, see your doctor, but I bet it will pass.

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Could symptoms of breast cancer be similar to symptoms of pregnancy?

Similar Symptoms Nipple discharge and tenderness can be a sign of cancer, but it doesn't mean you have it just because you have those symptoms. A doctor will be able to give you a blood test for pr... Read More »

Am i having a cancer the doctor said that this symptoms may lead to cancer?

you are having a drama day.…

What are symptoms of cancer?

There are lots of different cancers each with there own symptoms. It would be impossible to name every symptom for all of the types of cancers.Symptoms would vary from the different types of cancer... Read More »

The Symptoms of Cancer in a Dog?

The Morris Animal Foundation says that one in four dogs will die of cancer. Dr. Martin Goldstein, a renowned holistic veterinarian, believes that as dogs continue to be exposed to toxins through su... Read More »