What are the symptoms of problem gambling?

Answer Gambling can be a dangerous pastime that is just as addictive and damaging to life as the abuse of alcohol or drugs is for some people. Someone's outward appearance may not be affected as it would... Read More »

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Personality Influences in Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling causes behavioral changes in psychological, physical, social or vocational areas of your life. These behavioral changes may include restlessness, irritability, addiction or loss of... Read More »

Did Jeremy kyle have a drinking and gambling problem whilst on the show?

Yes. Jeremy Kyle was an alcoholic and addicted gambler. He also spent time in prison for sexually molesting a donkey and he used to be a woman called Latifa.

How can you help your brother who has a bad gambling problem and spent his disability back pay award money owed to his insurance company?

Try to get him into Gambler's Anonymous. He probably also needs an attorney, or possibly may have to file bankruptcy.

Symptoms of a Transmission Problem?

The transmission is an important part of the car and can also be a costly one to repair. Before a transmission completely fails, it will give you any warning signs that there's a problem. By taking... Read More »