What are the symptoms of parvo disease?

Answer Parvo is a viral disease in dogs that usually affects the animal's stomach lining, preventing the dog from absorbing vital liquids and nutrients. Parvovirus precipitates a number of symptoms, with ... Read More »

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Canine Parvo Disease?

Dog owners need to be educated, aware and practice safe socialization when it comes to canine parvovirus. The American Veterinary Medical Association warns that canine parvovirus is probably the mo... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of Cat Parvo?

Feline parvo, commonly called feline distemper, is caused by a virus called panleukopenia. It is a different virus than the parvo virus in dogs, but it causes many of the same symptoms, which large... Read More »

Parvo Symptoms in Newborn Puppies?

Parvovirus can attack your puppy as young as 6 weeks of age. Pet owners should have their puppies vaccinated at this age and then again at 10 weeks, and then at 14 weeks. It is important to make su... Read More »

Symptoms of Parvo Virus in a Pitbull Puppy?

Parvo virus is an intestinal disease that can attack any dog, regardless of breed, but puppies are much more vulnerable to the disease because their intestines are not yet fully developed. Parvo mu... Read More »