How to Get Rid of Laryngitis?

Answer Laryngitis is a condition that refers to the inflammation of the larynx, or voice box. The most common symptom of laryngitis is voice hoarseness or voice loss. This condition is sometimes accompani... Read More »

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Cures for Cat Laryngitis?

Cat laryngitis is characterized by a swelling or an inflammation of the larynx. This results in a hoarse meow, coughing, trouble swallowing and difficult or noisy respiration. Cat laryngitis has ma... Read More »

How to Prevent Laryngitis?

Did you ever hear someone say, "I lost my voice"? Did you think: "What did you do with it?" Or maybe you woke up one morning and your voice sounded funny when you tried to talk. Maybe you were croa... Read More »

My gf has laryngitis would i get it if we hadsex?

Laryngitis in of itself is not a virus/bacteria/germ. It's more so the product or result of one. Such as a cold or flu virus. The virus that caused Laryngitis IS contagious. *The sharing of bodily ... Read More »

How to Treat Laryngitis?

Have you lost your voice? Wondering how to get it back in time for an occasion? Although there's no instant cure to lost voice, you can at least cure it in a few days!