What are the symptoms of congenital myotonic dystrophy?

Answer Symptoms in the congenital form of myotonic dystrophy are evident at birth. Affected infants show muscle weakness, respiratory defects, and eventually, mental retardation

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What are the effects of myotonic dystrophy?

limitations resulting from myotonic dystrophy can be significant, involving muscle weakness and difficulty lifting items and performing certain routine daily tasks. There are many cases in which af... Read More »

What does diagnosis for myotonic dystrophy entail?

Myotonic dystrophy is diagnosed clinically in individuals that have a specific type of muscle weakness. This is confirmed with molecular genetics testing, where the DMPK is analyzed

What is the prognosis for individuals that have the classic form of myotonic dystrophy?

Affected individuals that have the classic form have a more severe prognosis. They have more clinical manifestations and lifespan usually ranges 48-55 years.

What is the Lever congenital ambrosius?

I believe you may be referring to: congenital amaurosis - this entity refers to partial or total loss of vision.