What are the symptoms of bulimia?

Answer Bulimia is a serious eating disorder most frequently associated with females. The disorder involves periods of binge eating followed by purging methods in order to lose large amounts of weight.Bing... Read More »

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when i was bulimic i asked my mom to take me to a therapist. i went and told my therapist, i asked him to tell my mom which he did, we cried and went home and she didnt do anything basically becuse... Read More »

Its not bulimia right?

That's bulimia. You are not bulimic, you are just currently suffering from bulimia - it doesn't define who you are. The real question is: Why do you purge everything you eat?

What are the causes of bulimia?

Bulimia (nervosa) is a serious eating disorder characterized by "binging and purging" behavior, in which an affected person eats an unhealthy amount of food and then induces vomiting or purges thro... Read More »

Do I have Bulimia More info?

I know that HS is a very difficult time for everyone. I don't know exactly how much you weigh, but you need to remember that beauty is only skin deep (and ugly goes clear to the bone, as my grandma... Read More »