What are the symptoms of mild bipolar disorder?

Answer Bipolar disorder is a mental disability which affects nearly 5.7 million American adults every year. Although considered a fairly common disease, bipolar disorder's symptoms may be easy to miss.Moo... Read More »

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What are the symptoms of a manic state of bipolar disorder?

Everyone has ups and downs. Bipolar disorder, however, is a brain disorder in which emotions see-saw from very high to very low. The lows are called "depressive states." The highs are called "mani... Read More »

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Infants?

Bipolar disorder was previously considered a mental health disorder that primarily affected adults. However, in recent years, the number of juveniles and infants diagnosed with the disorder has ris... Read More »

Is Pot a Medicinal treatment for Bipolar symptoms?

Man, I've had friends that smoked pot for a long time. They generally start acting more bipolar.

Can you be discharged for being bipolar?

You may be discharged from the military for any condition that prevents your ready deployment. You may also be discharged for not disclosing a previously known condition, and such cases you could b... Read More »