What are the symptoms of a bad speed sensor?

Answer You have a number of different types of speed sensors in your car, but the one most likely to malfunction is the one that communicates the speed of your vehicle to the car's computers.Identificatio... Read More »

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Symptoms of a Bad Speed Sensor?

Your vehicle's speed sensor has multiple purposes. It sends signals to the speedometer that indicate how fast your vehicle is traveling, it regulates the flow of fuel and ignition timing and it ope... Read More »

Wheel Speed Sensor Symptoms?

A wheel speed sensor is an essential component in automobile anti-lock braking systems. It communicates the rotation and speed of each wheel to the vehicle's electronic control module which then re... Read More »

Does the speed odometer speed sensor have anything to do with flooring car to get out of 1st gear?

AnswerNo the speen sensor has to do with telling how fast you go and some other stuff!!! Its really all in the transmission

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad 02 Sensor?

In modern cars, electronics control the ratio of air and fuel inside the engine to regulate performance. Sensors are key to maintaining a proper mixture. However, these sensor often break after sev... Read More »