What Are the Signs & Symptoms of E. Coli Food Poisoning?

Answer Escheria coli, or E. coli, is a bacteria that causes a form of food poisoning. Most forms of E. coli don't cause any symptoms, but one strain, called 0157:07, can cause people to become severely il... Read More »

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What are the symptoms of rat poisoning?

Mercury exists in three chemical forms. They each have specific effects on human health.1. Methylmercury(a highly toxic form that builds up in fish, shellfish) ....eating fish2. Elemental mercury(f... Read More »

How to Store Food to Prevent Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning occurs when the food you eat has become contaminated, often due to improper preparation and handling of the food. You can experience food poisoning from eating food long after its ex... Read More »

Dog Mushroom Poisoning Symptoms?

Mushroom poisoning in dogs is caused by ingesting poisonous mushrooms, typically found growing in the grass during the spring and summer. Not all mushrooms are poisonous, but those that are poisono... Read More »

What are the symptoms of salmonella poisoning?

Salmonella poisoning is one of the most common types of food poisoning and occurs when food or water is contaminated with salmonella bacteria. Symptoms will present themselves between eight to 48 h... Read More »