Do Costco employees get a store discount?

Answer No. Costco employees do not receive any sort of discount for purchases they make at Costco. However, each person who works there does get a membership card for the warehouse type store.Source:Workf... Read More »

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How much do Costco store managers make?

As of June 2010, retail store managers for Costco averaged annual salaries of $60,806, according to Payscale. Cashiers at the stores received average hourly wages of $13.03, which translates to rou... Read More »

Where was the first Costco store opened?

The first Costco warehouse location opened in 1983 in Seattle, Washington. The company achieved rapid success and within six years, the Costco chain had grown from zero to $3 billion in annual sale... Read More »

How many hours of video can you store on a DVD-R?

You can store up to two hours of video on a DVD-R. If you lower the quality of the video, you can store several more hours by using low bitrates and low resolution.References:Video Help: What is DV... Read More »

Dollar tree store hours?

They close at 9pm Monday-Saturday and close at 6pm on Sunday's