What are the stistics of bullying?

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What is a bullying experience?

Bullying experiences are experiences that someone may be left with after becoming the victim of a bully sometime in their life. These experiences may be just amusing memories, or they may be very h... Read More »

What is the definition for bullying?

Hurting a person or browbeating a weaker person.

What are the results do bullying?

it makes the person being bullied feel worthless and miserable. they can feel sick to their stomachs, and at bad times not food down. They xan suffer from panic-attacks and depression. It is seriou... Read More »

What is secondary bullying?

Secondary bullying is mostly unwitting bullying which people start exhibiting when there's a serial bully in the department. The pressure of trying to deal with a dysfunctional, divisive and aggres... Read More »