What are the steps to deleting a twitter account?

Answer 1. Log in to your account.2. Go to Account Settings. 3. Click on Deactivate my Account Option at the bottom of the page.4. Enter your password and make sure you want to deactivate your account.

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How long must a Twitter account be inactive before Twitter deletes it?…

How to Delete a Twitter Account from the Twitter for iPhone App?

Do you have two or more Twitter accounts set in your Twitter app for iPhone? If you'd like to delete a Twitter account from the app, this article will tell you how to delete it.

If a celebrity had a private account on twitter, would they follow their Verified account?

I think it depends on the celebrity. Some people might and others won't. I personally think that they would want to keep their private account private and not tempt fate by following the verified.

TF2 Outpost: Deleting account?

1.Open your start menu you should see a button called steam click the arrow by it and click friends under tasks2.there should be and arrow by your name click it and put it to offline