What are the steps on how to use a Bank of America ATM Machine?

Answer 1. Put your atm/debit card into the machine. Make sure the magnetic strip is in the proper place. There should be a picture on the ATM machine2. The machine will ask you to enter your pin in the... Read More »

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In your opinion, which is better and tell me why...Bank of America, or US bank.?

US Bank. I used to work for BofA and let me tell you, I wouldn't trust them with a nickle.

What is that song in the new Bank of America commercial (2013)?

Ramsy's Lewis - Do What You Wanna?…

What does a Bank of America account number look like?

As the Bank of America website illustrates, a Bank of America account number contains 9 or 10 numerical digits. It is between the routing number and check number along the bottom of a Bank of Ameri... Read More »

How to Buy Bank of America Stock?

If you feel that the banking sector in general and Bank of America in particular are set to outperform the stock market as a whole, investing in this stock makes a lot of sense. While bank stocks c... Read More »