What are the stats on a f-35?

Answer Origin:USAType:Multi-purpose tactical fighterMax Speed:1,200 mph or Mach 1.2Max Range:1,500 km/932 milesDimensions:span 10.70 m/35 ft 1 1/4 in length 15.47 m/50 ft 9 in height 5.18 m/17 ftWeight:em... Read More »

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What are the stats for the iPhone 4S?

Yes it will. iPhone 4s is a world phone, means, it will work with any carrier on any network (including CDMA & GSM). Ref: google "iPhone 4s world phone"

How to Max out the Stats of a Pokemon?

If you want to max out the stats on any Pokemon on any Pokemon game that this is applicable, eg, not Pokemon Ranger or Mystery Dungeon

What stats should i get for my computer?

CPU: i5 3570K or above (i7 3770K)Motherboard: Any good Z77 chipset from one of these manufacturers (MSI, ASrock, Asus, Gigabyte)RAM: 8GB to 16GB DDR3GPU: AMD HD 6870 or above (HD7850); Nvidia GTX 5... Read More »

What does ba stand for in basketball stats?

BA is an acronym that stands for a statistic that measures "blocks against," according to Basketball Prospectus. The statistic shows how many times a player has had his shots blocked in games. A re... Read More »