What are the statcis of a girl who was raped keeping her baby?

Answer They want you to clean there bums

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What is the movie on abc family when a college girl goes to a party and gets raped?

It wasn't ABC Family, it was just ABC, but the show was 'No Ordinary Family'. It premiered on September 28th, 2010 and lasted until April 05th, 2011 when it was cancelled.

Is compensation necessary to the girl who has been raped?

Money can never change what happened but it is the one way for a rapist to really compensate. She will need therapy for many years to come and might need to relocate to feel safe, will loose her jo... Read More »

What is the name of the old pbs movie about a girl that is exiled lives in the mountains and is later raped by her brother its from the 90's?

Was baby Lisa from dog the bounty hunter raped?

Yes, I heard she was raped and sodomized by a close male friend.