Stages of Grieving for Fetal Demise?

Answer Fetal demise is when a fetus over 20 weeks in utero dies for one reason or another. This can be caused by many problems in environment, a genetic abnormality of the fetus itself or a problem within... Read More »

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What are the various stages of cancer What are the basis for such categorization of these stages?

The various stages are usually 0-4. It can go up to 4b and many variables in between such as 1,1a, 1b, etc.In general most cancers are staged according to TNM, Tumor, Nodes and Mets. Each part is s... Read More »

What is the death&grieving process?

According to author and psychologist Laura Berk, dying people move in and out of a range of mental and emotional states. As the dying move close to death, their reactions can be unpredictable and d... Read More »

What Is the Death & Grieving Process?

Just as no two people are exactly alike, there also are no two identical ways of dealing with the death and grieving process. There are a number of factors in dealing with grief, from the personal ... Read More »

What is psychic separation in grieving?

Psychic separation is the type of separation that takes place in the mind, as opposed to physical or financial separation. In the context of grieving, "psychic" means things that are influenced by ... Read More »