What are the stages of death from Overdose?

Answer That depend of what type of overdose. You should of been more specific because it's impossible to answer with so little information. Some overdoses , you just die right away, other will make you s... Read More »

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Does overdose of pills cause death?

Even 1-2 pills with alcohol or in empty stomach can worse the condition of person to an extent that one can die.Doctors will do their work. But from as I see around the world I don't think we shoul... Read More »

Stages of the Death of a Star?

Stars vary widely in size, density and temperature, but they all mostly consist of hydrogen and helium and produce their own light and heat through nuclear fusion. Large stars, called "super giants... Read More »

Tibetan Stages of Death?

Tibetan tradition holds that death unfolds in eight stages. During each stage a different physical and spiritual element of the person dissolves or melts, leaving an apparent nothingness at the end... Read More »

Piaget's Stages on Reactions to Death?

Since the onset of the sciences, biology, psychology, physics and philosophy, the subject of death has always been a major source of mystery -- specifically, finding ways of coping with it and unde... Read More »