What are the spikes on the cacti used for?

Answer The spikes of a cactus prevents a herbivore from eating it as well prevents water loss through transpiration.

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Why do cacti have spikes?

What did cactus spikes used to be?

Cactus spikes used to be leaves. They've been modified, into thinner and smaller equivalents. With their decreased surface area, they lose less water to evaporation. They also are able to channel m... Read More »

Difference between Jobe's fruit tree spikes& evergreen spikes?

Jobe's Fruit & Citrus Tree fertilizer spikes and Jobe's Evergreen fertilizer spikes are manufactured by the Easy Gardener Co. to help gardeners easily match the fertilizer needs of different types ... Read More »

What are cacti?

The plural of cactus.A cactus is a poky desert plant.cactus