What are the spelling rules for the words with the 'ei' vowel cluster?

Answer The old rule, "i before e, except after c" is as valid as the other nonsense rules such as not beginning a sentence with "and" or "but" or "hopefully". And that's about the validity of those bogus ... Read More »

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Difference Between Spelling Words & Word Wall Words?

Spelling words and word wall words have more differences than similarities. Word wall words are basic, everyday words that are used so often it's important for all children to spell them correctly.... Read More »

How to Learn Words Without Vowel Sounds in Them?

Did you wonder if there are any words without vowel sounds. There are! Here they are.

Strategies for Teaching Short Vowel Words?

The basic building blocks of literacy include phonics and phonological awareness. From a very young age, children recognize that words are made up of individual parts. As students learn to read and... Read More »

What is the repetition of vowel sounds in non-rhyming words called?

The repetition of sounds in non-rhyming words -- either the same vowel sound with different consonants or the same consonants with different vowels -- is called assonance. Both prose and poetry wr... Read More »