What are the special concerns for those with myopathy?

Answer The special concerns of serious complications for those with myopathy include cardiomyopathy, affected breathing muscles, and affected swallowing muscles.

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Concerns of those with special needs?

What are the special concerns for children with lissencephaly?

Due to developmental disability, children with lissencephaly who survive beyond the age of two may benefit from special education programs

What are special concerns pertaining to Gerstmann syndrome?

The neurological basis of the disorder should be clearly explained, and reasonable bypass strategies should be immediately identified and implemented.

Do alcohol ablation procedures for cardio myopathy make the patient drunk?

NO, wrong type of alcohol. If this stuff gets loose into the bloodstream, the person suffers an instant fatal heart attack. The goal of an AA is to disolve a small area of the heart by pumping a sm... Read More »