What are the signs&symptoms of equine epilepsy?

Answer Epilepsy is a frightening disorder causing involuntary movements and loss of consciousness. While horses do not commonly suffer from epilepsy, it is very important for pet owners to understand the ... Read More »

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What is epilepsy 10 pts?

Nope epilepsy is just that; recurrent seizures. It does not make you different. Neurons fire electrical signals in your brain constantly. People with epilepsy have abnormal electrical discharges wh... Read More »

How to Deal With Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a medical condition that originates in the brain and causes recurring seizures. Symptoms of seizures may vary, but even mild episodes can be considered quite dangerous if they occur whi... Read More »

Top Equine Colleges?

A love of horses can easily be transformed into a rewarding, life-long career with many different options. An undergraduate degree in equine science or equine management, for example, can prepare a... Read More »

Epilepsy in a Labrador?

Labrador retrievers are among the dog breeds known to develop epilepsy, a neurological disorder that leads to seizures. While no cure or screening tests exist, canine epilepsy can be treated and th... Read More »