What are the signs&symptoms of dementia?

Answer The symptoms and severity of symptoms associated with dementia can vary a great deal from person to person and usually depend on the extent of the underlying disease causing the condition.Short-Ter... Read More »

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What is cortical dementia?

Cortical dementia affects the cortex of the brain. When the cortex of the brain becomes affected, the dementia is classified as either cortical or subcortical dementia. Cortical dementia affects th... Read More »

What are the signs of dementia?

Dementia is a condition that causes a decline in brain functioning. Sometimes called senility, dementia causes a gradual decrease in thinking, language or judgment abilities, producing a number of ... Read More »

What is dementia disease?

Dementia, often associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD), refers to a group of symptoms that affect brain function. A patient with dementia may have difficulty with tasks like problem solving, lear... Read More »

What is multifaceted dementia?

Dementia is defined as an ongoing decline in the ability to do daily activities. Symptoms of multifaceted dementia include impaired motor ability, deterioration of the intellect and behavioral dist... Read More »