What are the signs&symptoms of clinical depression?

Answer Clinical depression is a serious medical condition that can negatively affect a person's life in a very serious way. The term indicates a chronic and severe case of feeling depressed.Sleep and Eati... Read More »

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Clinical depression & 5 htp?

THIS IS A FACT: Many people have abnormal brains where the are predisposed to have depression. In that case, it is unavoidable, you can't control it, you can't think yourself out of it. Many people... Read More »

How to Overcome Clinical Depression?

Don't panic - if you are suffering from serious depression you will almost certainly have setbacks but you will be moving forward and please don't forget that you will get better in time.If you bro... Read More »

Does a clinical psychologist deal with depression?

Yes, a clinical psychologist deals with, or treats, depression by employing one or more therapeutic techniques. Behavior, cognitive and interpersonal therapy are a few of the treatments used. Unlik... Read More »

How do people act and feel when they have clinical depression?

Distinguishing between clinical depression and a case of "the blues" isn't always easy. Deciding when ordinary mood swings indicate a more serious problem requires looking at several different crit... Read More »