What are the signs that you're PSU is insufficient?

Answer Hi there,I have had some of the same issues as you. I am a avid VCO player, and in 3 years, have gone through 3 systems. 2 losses had nothing to do with the game, but one did, and it was due to t... Read More »

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What are the signs the most obvious signs that your Computer has a virus?

If when you turn the computer on it locks up in POST for longer than 30seconds you have a virus. This is basically a BIOS orientated bug that sits in the Master Boot Record of your hard drive. If h... Read More »

'Youre not that attractive.'?

When a bank tells you in a notice that there are "insufficient funds", do they mean them or you?

As long as I have checks I have money! So it must be them!

What does it mean when your boyfriend has a dream that youre pregnant with twins?