What are the signs& symptoms of the H1N1 flu?

Answer The H1N1 flu is a strain of the flu that was discovered in 2009. Knowing the symptoms will help you determine if you have contracted the virus.HistoryThe H1N1 influenza, or its more common name, sw... Read More »

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What are the chances I have H1N1, and when would I show symptoms (If I had it)?

I had H1N1, but i don't know when i contracted it, but when i first got it, i felt the fever first. If you start feeling dead, you have it. I know this is very vague, but beleive me, you will kno... Read More »

After H1N1 vaccine how long afterwards would symptoms occur?

The H1N1 vaccine should NOT be taken by anyone. The virus itself is a 'flu' and will do no damage to anyone without any serious health problem. The vaccine promoted by the government contains Mercu... Read More »

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