What are the signs of someone with add?

Answer Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a neurological and biological disorder that causes the sufferer to exhibit sporadic and often extremely active behavior, such as butting into conversations.Misco... Read More »

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If someone has a broke neck, would they show signs What would be the signs?

The answer is not that simple. You can have many kinds of neck fractures as you can break the spinal processes, the bodies and the connections in different areas. You can also break the neck at a... Read More »

What would you do if your exgirlfriend who was sexually and emotionally abused started showing signs of needing mental help and is pregnant with someone elses kid in an attempt to escape her past?

What signs show that someone is suffering from heat stroke?

When you know someone is dying, what signs are there that it won't be long?

Oh Wendy Jean - I really do fee your sadness. Yes, it won't be long now before your Granddaddy is in heaven. The appetite going is one of the first big indicators that the end is close. He will ... Read More »