What are the signs of lap band slippage?

Answer Lap band surgery is a laparoscopic procedure that places an adjustable band around the stomach. This is done to assist the patient in controlling the amount of food consumed. Slippage occurs if th... Read More »

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What are the causes of Lap-Band® slippage?

The Lap-Band® is a weight loss procedure involving the placement of a silicone based "tie" around the upper portion of your stomach to make the stomach pouch smaller. The smaller pouch thereby dra... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Transmission Slippage?

A slipping transmission can indicate problems that could lead to the entire transmission failing. There are several causes for a slipping transmission, with some being more common than others.

What Are the Causes of Serpentine Belt Squeal & Slippage?

Hair and clothes are two ways teenage girls can express themselves without doing something permanent, such as getting a tattoo. Talk to your hairstylist and check with your school's rules before ge... Read More »

What is slippage after cervical neck surgery?

Cervical slippage occurs when a disk moves out of place following surgery to one of the top seven vertebrae in the spine. These seven disks are collectively called the cervical spine. Surgeries can... Read More »