What are the signs of infected cuts and how do I treat them?

Answer Increasing redness, swelling and heat would be primary signs of an infection. Small cuts that are shallow and get washed out right away with soap and water are unlikely to get infected. If you're u... Read More »

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What to look for in infected cuts and how to heal them?

I agree with this answerers answer:Any redness and swelling is a sign of an infection. If the wounds are oozing a yellowish liquid. Any good antibacterial creme will work for healing an infection f... Read More »

Are my cuts infected What do I do?

No. They will get healed in a couple of days.

What are the signs of an infected tattoo?

Tattooing can be a beautiful and expressive art form. But tattooing damages the skin, which is the body's primary defense against infection. After getting a tattoo, be alert for signs of infectio... Read More »

What are some signs a wound has become infected?

Swelling, redness at the site of the injury or surrounding area, streaks of red upward from the injury, an increase in the amount of pain any type of discharge from the wound, any foul odor, or if ... Read More »