What are the signs of impending child birth and hard labor?

Answer First contractions start, then the frequency increases. Your water breaks, followed by the urge to push. This may last some time before the final process called "crowning" the the child's head has ... Read More »

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What are labor signs two weeks before birth?

Labor signs is usually a contraction from lower to upper abdomen which radiates at the back that has a consistenct interval and long duration and frequent thus result to cervical dilation. Mucus pl... Read More »

What does impending birth mean?

it means that the baby is about to come

How do you call a difficult child birth labor?

All child birth is called labor. A difficult child birth is called difficult labor. Child labor is quit a different thing - the employment of children full time at economic work in, for example, f... Read More »

Can biological father be charged child support if someone else signs birth certificate?

Yes. The best example I've seen of this involved a 27 year old Michigan man ordered to pay 14 years in retroactive child support in 1997. The woman he was having a relationship with at age 12 was ... Read More »