What are the signs of dog seizures?

Answer The first signs of a seizure are mood change, nervousness, whining, shaking and salivation. The dog may seek out his owner or find a hiding place. During the actual seizure a dog may lose conscious... Read More »

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Signs of Seizures in Cats?

It is difficult to know what is troubling your feline friends since they can't communicate with you to tell you how they feel and what ails them. Oftentimes, if they are ill, your cats may act diff... Read More »

Why is my dog having seizures?

Seizures in dogs are frightening to watch. Dogs who have seizures can have different types such as petit mal or grand mal that run from a small tic to terrible convulsions. There are several potent... Read More »

What could cause seizures?

Seizures, sudden increased electrical activity in the brain that interferes with normal brain function, can have many causes, ranging from infections to drug reactions.TypesSeizures generally fall ... Read More »

ADA & Seizures?

One of the major rationales for the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was to prevent lack of knowledge, stereotypes and unfounded fears from restricting the lives of individuals ... Read More »