What are the signs of color blindness?

Answer Color blindness can be an inconvenience or even a danger to affected individuals. Many people do not realize they are color-blind. While your eye doctor can do a test, you can also look for certain... Read More »

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Color Blindness Theory?

The human eye and brain work together to translate light into color. For the color blind, the eye does not discern colors as others see them. According to Dr. J. M. Cohen, an optometrist who works ... Read More »

Color blindness, i'm so freakin curious about it?

Interesting question! I actually have no idea, myself...but I found this site, I don't know if that's what you're looking for, but it does have pictures. Read More »

Science Fair Project on Color Blindness?

More males than females are colorblind. In fact, if you know 12 males, odds are that at least one of them has some degree of color blindness. This condition occurs when the cones (or special cells)... Read More »

Does the Victoria's Secret clothing "Love Pink" confuse people with color blindness?

Well, spotted, darling!Regardless of the real reason, I prefer to consider this a massive real-life troll.Like darling Eartha, though, I'm impressed that the PX carries Victoria's Secret. It really... Read More »