What are the signs of canine stroke?

Answer A dog can have a stroke when a hemorrhage or other underlying problem blocks blood flow in the artery to the brain. In humans, diagnosing a stroke is relatively easy, but dogs don't show any of the... Read More »

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What are the signs&symptoms of canine dry eye?

Watching your dog experience an unpleasant health problem can be emotionally trying, especially if you are unsure of how to help. Dry eye is a common but treatable problem for dogs that you can ide... Read More »

Signs and Symptoms of Canine Ear Infections?

Ear infections are common problems in canines; in fact, about 20 percent of all dogs are affected by ear infections, according to veterinarian Dr. Holly Nash. Depending on where the infection is lo... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of Canine Prostatitis?

In dogs, only the male has a prostate gland. When this gland becomes infected with bacteria, the diagnosis is prostatitis. Prostatitis is more common in unneutered older male dogs. Any owner who su... Read More »

I want to know if wat i have might be signs of a stroke?

The diagnosis of a stroke is based on the physical symptoms of the patient as well as medical history. A physical and neurological examination will also be performed. Certain tests such as blood te... Read More »