What are the signs of a broken finger?

Answer I have broken 1 finger and have jammed fingers hundreds of times. Trust me, you will know the dif.Purple, unable to move, swelling, and looking crooked.If you aren't sure, get an xray.

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Hit finger, broken bruised what?

If you can't move the finger normally and the pain persists, you should go to the ER and get an X-ray, since it might be a fracture.

What could you do for a broken finger?

What are signs of a broken rib?

"You'll suffer pain, especially when taking a breath. Other symptoms are tenderness and shallow breathing. You may feel as though you have to hold your chest to relieve the pain. There may be bruis... Read More »

What would be the signs of a broken leg?

See the doctor as soon as possible. It's hard to tell but it very well could be fractured. Play it safe with this one.