Signs and Symptoms of a Childhood Brain Tumor?

Answer According to the Mayo Clinic, about 2,000 children per year under the age of 16 are diagnosed with brain cancer in the United States. After leukemia, brain tumors are the second most common form of... Read More »

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Is brain cancer and a brain tumor the same thing?

Interesting that you bring this up.Primary brain malignancies have always been called brain "tumors" rather than "cancer of the brain."Yet many are clearly cancerous, locally invasive, progressing ... Read More »

Could I have a brain tumor Help please!?

Not likely, but do try to eat better and if you're still worried, see your doctor.

Is this a brain tumor?

I presume you lie longer on a sunday which will cause a headache - when you get constant headaches which are so painful you are screaming and you start to lose your eyesight and lose weight and get... Read More »

Brain tumor, please help.?

Brain tumors aren't hereditary. Stuttering isn' an idication of anything but a speech impediment. If you were experiencing a stroke, your body would stop functioning and you'd drop like a rock. If ... Read More »