What are the side effects of xs energy drink?

Answer XS Gear produces the beverage XS Energy Drink, which contains a variety of herbs and other nutrients advertised as able to combat fatigue and boost the immune system. Despite the fact that they are... Read More »

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What are the side effects if I drink Red Bull?

None is HEALTHIER, but in my experience monster is stronger. They are both energy drinks and will give you more of an effect than lots of caffeine. Everyone reacts differently, most people get real... Read More »

What are the side effect and damage drinking 2 litre's of energy drink?

that is way too much sugar and caffeine, drink lots lots of water. I wouldn't drink that much again, obviously and you should find an energy drink that doesn't have that much sugar. I drink XS en... Read More »

Side effects of nos energy drinks?

Many kids got hospitalized by drinking NOS energy drink. The stimulant properties of the NOS Energy Drink present several potential dangers and side effects.* Boise State University explains that ... Read More »

Is there any side effect of "Cloud 9 energy drink"?

Not at all. I have had only 2 cans of it though, and I hated the taste. These drinks have caffeine, so dont drink in excess.And I'll advise you to go with Red Bull, the made in Austria one. Its a l... Read More »