What are the side effects of heat stroke?

Answer A heat stroke is a life-threatening emergency that often occurs when people exercise or work outdoors in hot and humid weather conditions. Hot temperatures may cause a person's body temperature to ... Read More »

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What Are the Effects of a Heat Stroke?

Heat stroke occurs when your body temperature hits 104 degrees F or higher as the result of high outdoor temperatures, intense physical activity, or some other factor that raises your body temperat... Read More »

What are the after effects of heat stroke?

Heat stroke is the most dangerous of all heat-related illnesses. It is defined by an increase in internal temperature to 104 degrees or above. And it requires immediate medical attention to treat i... Read More »

What are the side effects of a stroke?

A stroke happens when part of the brain does not get enough blood supply for a period of time. A brain attack, as a stroke is sometimes known, can have both temporary and lasting side effects or co... Read More »

What should do when treating someone for heat exhaustion or heat stroke?

If the face is red raise the head. I fthe face is pale, raise the tail.