What are the side effects of a bulged disc?

Answer A bulging disc, also known as a herniated disc, is when the material that cushions the spine becomes damaged and bulges out between the vertebral bones of the spine. According to WebMD, only a few ... Read More »

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What are the treatments for a bulged disc?

The disc is the soft cushioning that separates our vertebrae. When the disc protrudes out of its place, it is considered a bulging disc. While most times this not a cause of concern, when the bulgi... Read More »

Does anyone had an side effects from taking Blood pressure medication Effects such as palpitations?

I am permanently tired but unsure as to the cause (or causes - as is my GP) as I take 19 ppd (pills per day) and 20 on Sundays. At least I'm still alive! (In between the long sleeps)I don't find th... Read More »

Do I need a disc drive to Install After Effects CS6?

No, you don't need a disc, DVD, CD, or USB drive. No copying, no burning, none of the above...Just download the CS6 trial direct from Adobe's online servers, then use your valid purchased serial n... Read More »

Can bulged eyes be treated?

You can get corrective lenses, but nothing will stop the bulging.Except fixing your thyroid problem. You should be checked again.