What are the side effects of Tylenol?

Answer Tylenol contains the active ingredient acetaminophen, a common and mostly safe painkiller. Though side effects are very rare, certain factors such as heavy alcohol use or chronic overdose may lead ... Read More »

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What are the side effects of Tylenol codeine?

The side effects caused by Tylenol with Codeine vary from user to user, with some people not being affected at all. Common side effects might include constipation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, ligh... Read More »

What are the effects of Tylenol on the heart?

The active ingredient in Tylenol is acetaminophen. Tylenol is sold over the counter and is used as a pain reliever and fever reducer. There are many types of Tylenol and each may effect the heart i... Read More »

Is itchiness a side effect from taking Tylenol 3s?

Why are you taking tylenol 3 before your surgery?? Is it due to impaction pain?? Anyway yes itchiness is a side effect of many narcotics..I am severly allergic to codeine and I had the same reactio... Read More »

Does anyone had an side effects from taking Blood pressure medication Effects such as palpitations?

I am permanently tired but unsure as to the cause (or causes - as is my GP) as I take 19 ppd (pills per day) and 20 on Sundays. At least I'm still alive! (In between the long sleeps)I don't find th... Read More »