What are the side effects of l-dopa?

Answer L-dopa is a shortened name for the prescription drug levodopa, which doctors prescribe to supplement levels of the brain chemical dopamine. Despite its effectiveness in the treatment of Parkinson's... Read More »

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What are the side effects of L dopa?

L-dopa (levadopa) is the main drug used to treat Parkinson's disease; the Mayo Clinic reports that the brain uses levodopa to make dopamine, the chemical lost in Parkinson's.Mild Side EffectsThe mo... Read More »

Does anyone had an side effects from taking Blood pressure medication Effects such as palpitations?

I am permanently tired but unsure as to the cause (or causes - as is my GP) as I take 19 ppd (pills per day) and 20 on Sundays. At least I'm still alive! (In between the long sleeps)I don't find th... Read More »

How many mg is in L-Dopa 98%?

It is not safe at all at that concentration because all that's left is L-Dopa and almost nothing else. Dopamine alone will create brain chemical imbalances and related issues like a changed heart ... Read More »

What possible side effects?

I am very sorry to hear about your mother. I agree with the other poster. It is time to sit down with her doctor(s) and have a serious discussion about your goals for your mother's care. Are you ho... Read More »