What are the side effects if you abruptly stop taking Cymbalta®?

Answer Cymbalta® is a brand name for the prescription medication duloxetine hydrochloride. Although effective for treating depression, anxiety disorder and fibromyalgia, Cymbalta® poses a risk for side ... Read More »

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When will the side effects stop?

family doctor that's the only useful advice anyone online can give someone. Source(s): me

When will these side effects stop?

Well...Did the doctor tell you how long the medication will stay in your system for? Might take a day or two

Clonazepam... side effects Could i stop taking it?

I do not think there are long term effects of it, not like you are describing, beng agressive and unstable are probably from other mental problems, although it could be a side effect of skipping hi... Read More »

Side effects when I stop taking Metformin?

Well... are you taking it as an anti-diabetic, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POCS)? Because Metformin usually has the effect of restoring natural menstrual cycles, reduced chance of miscarriage, an... Read More »