What are the siblings doing now?

Answer Get their favourite pair of shoes and put a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise inside the right shoe and jelly and peanut butter inside the left!! trust me i tryed this it was HIL-ARI-OUS

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What are the jacksons siblings doing now?

How to Get Out of Doing Stuff With Your Siblings?

Do your siblings drive you crazy? Do you still have to do stuff with them but want to get out of doing it? If you answered "yes", to any of these questions, then this is your article!

How do you not Get caught When Doing Marijuana by siblings or parentsPlzz Help?

"When doing Marijuana"? Come on now. This sounds odd to say but you are obviously not intelligent enough to be smoking pot. Nothing you can do will prevent you from getting caught "Doing Marijuana".pj

Mothers...what do you regret not doing or doing with your 1st baby?

Oh.. there are so many :)- Not encouragin him enough to be physically active- Always ruinning to help him instead of letting him try on his own- NEVER leaving him alone with anyone for at least fir... Read More »