What are the shortcut keys for the Philppine Peso sign?

Answer Elizabeth Sevilla-Dusaban answered this similar question of how to insert/make a Philippine Peso sign in Microsoft Word:1. Type 20b12. Press Down the ALT key3. Press Down the X keySpecial Note: DO ... Read More »

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How do I insert/make the Philippine Peso sign in Microsoft Word using the keyboard shortcut?

1. Type 20b1 2. Press Down Alt3. Press Down XSpecial Note: DO NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESS DOWN ALT & X. Fist press down is the ALT key. Then second press down is the X key.Result: 20b1 will change int... Read More »

What is the shortcut keys for minimize & maximize the window?

Since I am a big fan of hotkeys, I thought it would be a nice idea to put a near-comprehensive list together (through research aka googling) ~Smile~Win = Start Menu, Win + Pause = System Properties... Read More »

What sign do you use for Mexican peso?

The Mexican peso is indicated by the same sign used for the US dollar: $. The familiar sign also finds use for other currencies, such as the dollar currencies in Fiji and Brunei.Source:Online Cur... Read More »

How do I activate shortcut keys on an HP keyboard?

Turn your computer off. Attach the HP keyboard to an available USB port on the computer. Turn your computer back on. Your HP keyboard, including shortcuts, is now active and ready for use. To chang... Read More »